PH Racing Club are hosting an open training night at The Loop, Castle Brae, Dunfermline, KY11 8PD, on Tuesday 30th July.

This is open to all runners, including those who’ve never been a member of a running club as well as those of other clubs looking to try something different or take their running in a new direction with PH.

The warm up will start at 6pm from the first roundabout on Castle Brae, with all attendees to be fully warmed up and ready to train for 6:15.

Feel free to just turn up and join in with any of the warm up groups running about The Loop and our members will be sure to introduce themselves and guide you around the Pan Handle shaped route which we follow.

The session itself will be explained by club coach Ben Hukins on the night and shall comprise of some short timed interval repetitions, with everyone regrouping during rest periods. There will be some relay style reps to add some fun at the end and get everyone involved.

This is a great opportunity for potential members to see how PH operate.

Contact us via Facebook or email ( if you wish for any more details.

Also see our website where you can find out more about the club, read our race reports and see some of our success.

If you are new to running and never been a member of a club, have a read of our “myth” busting post and find out some of the benefits of being part of PH Racing Club –

We have an ethos of hard work and have a proven track record of taking those new to running clubs to new levels of performance. We have also seen runners who have joined from other clubs set PB after PB within a short time of following our structured training schedules.

Message from our Coach Ben Hukins “Delighted to be coach of this lot. It’s not about how good you are but that you want to be the best you want to be. We welcome everyone of any standard who wants to push themselves to be better and sessions can be tweaked to suit individuals, fitness levels etc. However, please note this isn’t for absolute beginners where Jog Scotland provides a great offering. Please come along and please contact me with any questions.”

Read more about PH in a special article detailing PH as a club, some Q&A with our members –