PH Racing Club

Fife-based performance running club

Club Championship

2020 Championship

Cancelled as most of the races were cancelled!  Hopefully back as normal for 2021 with similar races to those chosen for 2020.

Championship Rules

  • The Championship consists of 15 races of varying distances both on and off road and will run from 1st January to 30th November
  • All paid up 1st claim members qualify, no membership no points.
  • Athletes are to enter races as PH Racing Club and are obliged to wear a club vest or no points will be awarded.
  • The scoring system in each nominated race is as follows:
    • 1st male and female 50 points
    • 2nd male and female 49 points
    • 3rd male and female 48 points
    • 4th male and female 47 points (and so on)
  • All PH Racing Club finishers will receive points provided other rules followed.  If not zero points will be shown.  DNF will also be shown as zero points.
  • Positions/times will be taken from the official race organiser’s results. Gun timing will be used wherever possible.
  • Athletes must compete in a minimum of 8 races, of which must be 2 Scottish Athletics championship events, to qualify.  The best 8 results, SA or otherwise, will be totalled.  Runners with the highest aggregated score take the awards.  Awards will only be presented to athletes who have completed the Championship.
  • Overall awards will be presented to top 3 male and female runners, and also to winners in 3 age groups: 40-49, 50-59 and 60 and over.
  • Age on 30th November of Championship year determines the age group for the entire year.
  • The top 3 males and females will not be eligible for an age group award.
  • In the event of a tie head to head will be used ie most wins between those athletes.  If one athlete does not finish a race or receives zero points for any other reason this will be counted as a win for the other athlete for head to head purposes.  If it is still a tie then most 50 points, 49, etc and if still a tie then committee will decide.
  • If any Championship race is cancelled by the Race or Club Championship Organiser or deemed not suitable, for whatever reason, a new race will be substituted – time and/or alternative race permitting. If it has not been possible to reschedule a race this will reduce the total number of Championship races.
  • If number of races drops the requirement will be 8 races from 14, 7 from 13, 7 from 12, 6 from 11, 6 from 10, 5 from 9. If less than 9 races are left and no suitable replacements are available the championship shall be voided. Requirement to run 2 SA Championship races can also be reviewed if a number are cancelled.
  • All members have a responsibility to ensure their details are given correctly when entering races. Club Championship and Race Organisers must be advised of any changes, ideally prior to the event taking place. Failure to do so may result in you not being included in the Championship results for that race. The responsibility is on the individual, not the Championship Organiser.
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