Though not a PH Racing Club event the Law Breaker is organised by club member Andrew Wright.  Andrew reports as follows:

84 runners made an appearance for the 2019 edition of the Law Breaker. You would be forgiven however, for thinking this was a Westerlands private event with everyone else just invited, as the yellow vests made up just under a third of the field. Thank you for coming though!

Weatherwise, the race once again dodged the rain, with some proper sunshine and a gentle breeze to cool the exertions on the ascent. Visibility and ground conditions were pretty much perfect, with just the right amount of grip to safely tank down the hillside. Thankfully there were no injuries to report.

In the race itself there was a close battle between James Espie (Deeside) and Sam Alexander (Westerlands) throughout, with James pulling away on the descent to take his second win here in a time of 37.03, the first time the same name has appeared on the trophy twice. Sam’s time was 37.35. Ross Spalding (Ochil HR) was third this year in 38.50.

For the women, CJ MacPhail (Anster Haddies) took the clear win with a time 49.31, while Alex Berry (Westerlands) was a solid 2nd in 50.27, closely followed by Maddy Watson (Strathclyde Uni) in 50.36.

The other headline category winners this year were Bob Wiseman (Ochil HR) for M40, now recovered from his biking injury, the newly turned M50 Kenny Richmond who actually beat his winning time from last year and finished 4th overall, and Gordon McCaffrey (Westerlands) for M60. The corresponding ladies winners were Judy Turner (Falkland Trail Runners) for F40, Alison Ridyard (HBT) for F50, and Jocelyn Scott (Fife AC) for F60.

The only PH member to try his luck at what was, I believe, his first hill race was Joe Wilson who finished 31st in 50.22 having had a strong run to the summit but found the descent somewhat trickier than expected.


Full results can be found on Scottish Hill Racing.  An album of photos from the race can be viewed on the Westerlands Facebook page and some of these are used here, with thanks.

Thanks also to all runners for coming along, and to Mike MacDonald (Fife AC) and Dan Monaghan (PH Racing) for their invaluable assistance on the night.