Colin Somerville racked up his second win in a fortnight at Wednesday’s Gateside Gallop race organised by Fife A.C.  The multi terrain race of just under four and half miles followed a route which was revised last year and remained the same for the 2019 edition, with the going good to firm.

Somerville and Craig Morris of Fife A.C. jockeyed for position throughout before Somerville took a decisive lead over the final furlongs to win by a few lengths in a time of 25:27.  Dave Clark of Falkland Trail Runners placed third in 27:38.

It’s great to see Path of Condie Half Marathon champion Colin finding form at the right time before the calendar hurdles into the cross country season.  Thanks to Fife A.C. for another well organised race and to Pete Bracegirdle for the race photo.