Our open night on Tuesday seems to have been enjoyed by all who attended and we are pleased to have already added three new members to the ranks.

Club Coach Ben Hukins put on an interesting mixed session with an 8 minute tempo run starting once everyone was sufficiently warmed up and briefed.  After a rest we moved onto some split intervals with the first part run at 10k pace until Ben blew his whistle, at which point the speed was increased to mile pace until the next whistle.  This was done 8 times with rests in between offering a chance to regroup.  The sting in the tail was that the time of each set was different so we never knew when the whistle was coming.  The session was finished off with a fast and furious relay race on the ‘Castle Climb’ hill.

Ben said, “Thanks to everyone who came along tonight (28 in total) especially the new faces and I hope you all enjoyed it with something a bit different and the mystery element to keep you on your toes. Here are my rough notes for anyone interested in knowing what they actually did and that there was method in my madness!”


If you missed out on the open night but are still interested in seeing what PH Racing Club are all about you are welcome to come along to any session.  Most of these start at 6.15pm on Tuesday and Thursday at the Pan Handle Loop but we do have the odd away night so it is always best to check in advance by emailing phracingclub@gmail to avoid disappointment and loneliness!