Though not a PH Racing Club event the Law Breaker is organised by club member Andrew Wright.  Andrew reports as follows:

Like all race organisers this year I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how three years could have passed since we were last sitting down at race registration. So, it’s good to be back properly, and 50 runners thought so too. For a short and accessible Bog and Burn series race I was surprised at the lower than usual turnout, especially in comparison to others that have gone before this season, but that was only to the advantage of those seeking valuable series points. The bulk of the field comprised Westerlands and Ochils members with a good scattering from other clubs present.

Weatherwise, the race once again dodged the rain, despite showers throughout the earlier day, and conditions were calm at the bottom and with only a gentle breeze at the summit. Visibility and ground conditions were pretty much perfect, with just the right amount of grip to safely tank down the hillside. Thankfully there were no injuries to report other than a slightly scraped hand.

In the race itself Alistair Thornton (Howgill Harriers) led the way from Tom Harris (Fife AC) throughout winning by just over 30 seconds, with Benjamin Van Dijk (Ochils) taking third a further 38 seconds beyond that.

For the women, Lizzie Knox (Carnethy) had a commanding lead of nearly 3 minutes from Helen Gordon, with former road star Freya Ross (Falkirk VH) performing well on the hills in third.

The other headline category winners this year were Chris Grant-Pantrey (Shettleston) for M40, Mickey Anderson for M50, Damian Theaker (Westerlands) for M60, and Pat Fitzpatrick the sole M70 runner. The corresponding ladies winners were Judy Turner (PH Racing Club) for F40 repeating the same win she had last time here, and that was it! No F50s, F60s or F70s. Where have they all gone?

Thanks to all runners for coming along, and to Mike MacDonald (Fife AC), Scott Love, Andy Jannetta, Martin McNellis (all PH Racing Club), and Gary Fraser (Ochils) for their invaluable assistance on the night.

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