While her club mates have been starved of racing, PH Racing Club athlete Katrina Lindsay has once again been in winning form in the British Virgin Islands.

On 10th April she was first female at the Carrot Bay 5k around Tortola, for the fifth year in a row! This year’s win came in a new course record time of 20:01 to place sixth overall. Katrina is pictured here with male winner Clif Struiken who also triumphed with a new course record time of 16:29.

“Took it steady-ish on the way out as I’m not a fan of these big hills and I wasn’t sure I was going to be ready for them, so I just tried to pace myself for the hills and I felt good on the way back,” Lindsay explained to BVI News. “I was trying to pick it up but those boys were gone so I was on my own, but I enjoyed it and it was a big improvement. I would have liked to keep pace with Derek (Rawlings, 4th) and Reuben (Stoby, 5th), but they had a really good run today, but I was keeping them in my sights.”

Next up in the series is the West End 5k on 1st May, then Paraquita Bay on 22nd May, where Katrina will be looking for more wins even quicker times.

This was the second race of this year’s Hauteville Trust 5k Series which culminates with the BVI National Championships on 12th June. The first race, the Beef Island 5k, took place on 20th March with the same two victors. Lindsay’s time there was actually quicker than at Carrot Bay, 19:27, and she secured fourth position overall.

Well done to Katrina and also to the organisers for getting the Beef Island and Carrot Bay races on – surely food for thought for us in Scotland!