Last weekend saw the third virtual event organised by Scottish Athletics since racing ground to a halt, this time a One Mile Time Trial with runs being logged between Friday 8th and Monday 11th May. There were once again a number of rules in place to try to ensure as level a playing field as possible and there were certainly a number of fine performances by PH athletes, reported here of course with the caveat that they were self-timed and measured by GPS!

Quickest overall was Andrew Thomson who produced the third best under 17 time in the competition with his 4:35 run at Rosyth. Paul Kieran’s initial attempt at the same location was aborted due to a reversing vehicle but his follow-up run in Dalgety Bay produced an excellent time of 4:52, second fastest among the V45 category. Craig Paterson and Mike McConnell both produced runs of 4:55 to complete the men’s ‘A’ team who finished 6th overall and 8th in the open category.

There were also some excellent performances from the PH females with Kristin Lownie, Julie Menzies and Mary Western all topping the tables for their respective age categories.  Lownie’s time of 5:17 combined with Gayle Lindsay (5:29), Menzies (5:38) and Katrina Lindsay (5:42) to put the PH ‘A’ team 4th overall.  The Lindsay sisters once again completed their runs in Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands while Lownie and Menzies made do with the Pan Handle Loop. The senior women’s team comprised Lownie, Lindsay and Lindsay, together with Jennifer Caldwell whose run of 7 mins put the team in 4th position. Perhaps the most impressive team showing was the masters women’s team, again featuring Menzies, but this time with Zoe Stuart (6:20), Mary Western (6:32) and Susan Wilson (6:49), finishing 3rd in their category.

Turning back to the men’s competition, the PH senior team consisting of Paterson and McConnell along with Andy Jannetta (5:03) and Michael Lindsay (5:42) secured 5th position while we had three complete masters teams who finished 4th, 13th and 21st. The masters ‘A’ team was made up of Kieran, Alan McGowan (5:05), Robert Sellar (5:06) and Gary Pirie (5:11).  With 30 runs submitted and 7 full teams in the open competition there were a number of other good performances including Ed Norton who ran the second fastest V65 time of 5:56.

Well done to all who took part and thanks to Scottish Athletics for organising the event and to Bobby Gavin/The One Moment for the image. The next event in a 15/30 minute distance challenge at the end of the month.