PH Racing Club are pleased to reveal the third block of our Winter 2016/17 training program which has been put together by our coach, highly respected athlete Ben Hukins.

Block Duration: 9 weeks – 23rd January to 26th March 2017

Block Focus: End of block races but still progressing towards National XC Champs and Spring road racing season

Phase 3A Duration: 5 weeks – 23rd January to 26th February 2017

Phase 3A Focus Race: Scottish Cross Country Championships

Phase 3B Duration: 4 weeks – 28th February to 26th March 2017

Phase 3B Focus Race: Scottish Road Relays Championships – This is the biggy so put it in your calendar now and hopefully what the winter work has all been building to. Relays involve a short (3.2mile) and a long (5.8 mile) leg so there is something for everyone and to suit all preferences.

The Club GP also gets well underway with several races and another in the first week following completion of the block and you are all encouraged to get involved with these. The training schedules continue without tapering for these races so individuals may wan to ease off on some sessions depending on individual goals.


The winter has been focusing on building strength, endurance and stamina with the goal to start sharpening up and performing well in early Spring once we get towards the end of this block. We therefore really start to shift our focus on fine tuning for races and getting everyone race sharp so you will see a big focus on speed endurance session focusing on running at your target race paces. There will still be some strength work as we have some big cross country races looming but towards the end of the block it will be looking towards the road races.

With the weekends getting quite bust with races there are limits on squeezing in weekend sessions but I hope to maybe include some more which would be on an adhoc basis and would typically be more off-road to take advantage of the light or some longer road reps which we don’t do so much of at the loop. As daylight improves I would hope to introduce a few away sessions during the week again but these would have to be confirmed closer to the time once we get an idea of how the daylight is improving but probably not until at least March.

We are also extending the structured long runs which we started in block 2 and these will alternate between long progression runs and marathon race pace runs. The idea is to try and get as many people as possible out for these to help each other work together. When we have the marathon race pace runs these are beneficial for all, not just those targeting marathons. Also, with the latter, faster runners just wanting an easier long run can help with pacing others or even people can come out on bikes to help others. If we all pitch together and help each other out, we can hopefully get a few groups running at set paces. If you help someone out one time then someone will repay the favour to you hopefully! All these runs will start with a social 2 miles or so where we can all run together and chat before starting the serious bit.

Week No. Commencing Tuesday Thursday Weekend
1 23rd January Paarlauf at the loop

Team up with your partner for a bit of paarlauf.

2 x 15mins paarlauf


15s / 30s / 45s / 60s / 75s / 90s / 90s / 75s / 60s / 45s / 30s / 15s

Jog back recovery

Dunfermline Public Park

Saturday 28th – Scottish Masters Cross Country Championships
Sunday 29th – Club Long Marathon/Sustained Pace Run

Loch Leven Trails

2 30th January Speed Endurance

10 x 3mins

2mins recovery

10km race pace or slightly faster


10mins tempo / 10 x 1min / 10mins tempo

4mins / 1min / 4mins recovery

Weekend XC Session – Details to follow
3 6th February Hills

2 sets of 10 x 45sec hills

Dunfermline Public Park Medium Hill

Jog back / 4mins recovery between sets

Speed Endurance

6 x 4mins

2mins recovery

5km to 10km pace

Sunday 12th – Club long progression run

Dunfermline Cycle Path

4 13th February Tempo

5 x 5mins @ HM race pace with 3mins continuous run recovery (this is a continuous run session with no stops)


3 x 6 x 30secs

2min / 6min recovery

Sunday 19th – Club long Marathon/Sustained Pace Run

Loch Leven Trails

5 20th February Speed Endurance

10 x 2mins

90secs recovery

5km race pace

Race Prep

12 x 1min

2mins recovery

Controlled, relaxed 5km pace

Saturday 25th – National Cross Country Championships

Club GP Race No. 2

Entry through Entry Central

6 27th February Tempo

20minute continuous tempo run

See tempo table

Speed Endurance

6 x 4mins

2mins recovery

5km to 10km pace

Sunday 5th March – Down By The River 10km

Club GP Race No. 3

Entry through bookitzone

7 6th March Speed

3 x 1mile or 6minutes whichever is shorter

7mins recovery

Fast! Quicker than 5km race pace

Speed Endurance

10 x 3mins @ HM race pace with 3mins continuous steady run recovery (this is a continuous run session with no stops).

Recovery no slower than 1 min/mile slower than HM race pace.

60 minute continuous run.

Saturday 11th March – Track Session 800/1500m & 5km/10km session
Sunday 12th March – Club long progression run
8 13th March Speed Endurance

10 x 3mins

2mins recovery

10km race pace or slightly faster


2 x 12mins tempo

3mins recovery

See tempo table

Sunday 19th March – Alloa Half Marathon

Club GP Race No. 4

Entry online through event website

9 20th March Speed Endurance

16 x 1min

1min recovery

5km pace

Race Prep

6 x 2mins / 2mins recovery

Controlled, relaxed 5km pace

6 x 30secs / walk back recovery

Controlled, relaxed mile pace

Sunday 26th March – Scottish Road Relay Championships

Suggested Additional Training:

I have also created a new document about sustained pace runs which are a very useful additional to your training. As we get towards racing at our best it is also useful to consider some specific training to your primary event distance or goal event.

I can give any advice, guidance or detailed plans in addition to the above club sessions if desired to help athletes peak for their desired events or targets.