PH Racing Club are delighted to announce that highly respected local athlete Stevie Ogg is their inaugural President.  Stevie who has over 30 years experience in distance running is keen to share his knowledge and provide leadership with the new club.

On taking on this role Stevie said:

“I am extremely honoured to be offered and accept the position of President of this new running club.  I really like the concept and there is definitely a place for the sort of dynamic we want to create.  It’s basically organised structured speed endurance sessions put together by experienced coaches and athletes who have tried and tested them over many years.  It’s for anyone who is currently running and is looking to improve their times.  It’s open to absolutely anyone, regardless of their ability.

Everything is relative in running whether you run 4 minute miles or 10 minute miles.  There has been a great upsurge in running recently with the success of jog Scotland and parkrun. They are all about promoting health and fitness in a very social environment. The atmosphere and buzz around PH Racing Club is something I haven’t seen for many years. Everyone who comes is seeing huge gains in their performances already.”

We would like to wish Stevie the very best in his new role within the club.