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Pilgrim Way Ekiden


Race over one of Fife’s most historic routes in one of Japan’s most historic running formats, the Ekiden.

The Pilgrim Way Ekiden offers teams of 6 competitors the chance to race a staged relay from Culross in the south west to St Andrews in the far north east of the Kingdom.

Sunday 14th March at 08:15 will see the inaugural Pilgrim Way Ekiden with up to 10 teams of 6 local runners making their way in the historic footsteps of Monks, Miners and Martyrs.

Entries will cost £60 per team and shall open soon at SI Entries via this link: Pilgrim Way Ekiden Entries

Entries will be on an invite basis initially with the idea of this being a competition between local running clubs from all around the Kingdom and surrounding areas.

The 56 mile mixed terrain route takes in well over 4,000 feet of elevation and will be split into 6 unequal distance legs as defined by Fife Coast & Countryside Trust. Detailed maps, start and finish locations and course descriptions can be found at Fife Pilgrim Way.

The teams of 6 must be mixed genders (a minimum of one male and one female per team) and the race is suitable for Senior and Masters athletes. A team manager shall act as point of contact for each team and manage the team via the SI Entries portal.

The race will be held under UK Athletics Rules and it shall be scottishathletics Licensed Event.

The legs are all a mixture of off road trail and some small amount of road sections and they are split as follows:

  1. Culross to Dunfermline – 9 miles with approx. 750 feet of elevation
  2. Dunfermline to Lochore Meadows – 10.7 miles with approx. 750 feet of elevation
  3. Lochore Meadows to Kinglassie – 5.1 miles with approx. 240 feet of elevation
  4. Kinglassie to Markinch – 7.9 miles with approx. 650 feet of elevation
  5. Markinch to Ceres – 13.6 miles with approx. 1,100 feet of elevation
  6. Ceres to St Andrews – 9.7 miles with approx. 640 feet of elevation

Each leg shall be self supported and it is the responsibility of the runner to navigate the route marked by the Fife Pilgrim Way signs and using the maps provided by the Fife Coast & Countryside Trust. Post race the team manager shall submit embedded links for each runners leg as part of the verification process that the route has been followed correctly. Therefore, all runners are required to record their legs via Garmin or Strava to be eligible for the winning prize.

The winning team shall be the first team to reach St Andrews and a prize shall be award to the full team of 6 winners only. This is a low budget race designed for the love of racing and to bring some competitive club racing back to the Kingdom.

Marshals shall be on hand at each hand over point, a qualified impartial race referee shall be present to ensure fairness and first aiders shall be stationed at every second handover point and moving through the course as the race progresses.

Please contact Daniel Monaghan on for further information as required.

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